Bags 4 keeps are committed to protecting our environment. Bags 4 Keeps promotional bags are made from 100% recycled cotton whenever available. Cotton is the natural fibre of choice for these eco-conscious times because it is a naturally growing fibre that is readily available in our environment, and fully sustainable. By using recycled Cotton, Bags 4 Keeps are further contributing to the protection of our planet's natural resources. Bags 4 Keeps bags can be reused over and over again before showing any sign of wear, when no longer required the fabric will break down easily in the ground. Plastic bags by comparison have a very limited useful life and never break down thus polluting the environment. This is why Bags 4 Keeps have never made, and will never produce plastic bags. All of our products produced from recycled material can have the "Recycled” logo clearly marked in a position of your choosing free of charge. This will allow you to demonstrate to your customers the same commitment to the environment that we demonstrate to ours.

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